Welcome to Decade Island! To make sure you can fully enjoy the rich RP environment at DI, we highly suggest you look through this guidebook before joining. As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask staff!

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Decade Island is a multi-species sci fi RP. Decade Island takes place on a fictional island near Washington's San Juan Islands, in the year 2030. We are semi-realism, so despite the sci-fi theme we expect characters to be realistic in coloring, size, and ability. DI is a moderate to advanced content RP, with a post minimum of 5 sentences.

Decade Island is a 3 1 2 rated site. As always use your best judgement.

3: Swearing and mature language is permitted.
1: Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.
2: Explicit violence is permitted.

Due to the nature of DI's content, you must be 16 or older to join. You will be banned if you join and you are not at least 16.

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