Decade Island operates on a three strike rule. The first strike will result in a warning from staff, second strike will result in a warning and possible one day ban based on severity of the offense, and three strikes will result in a ban that can last from a week to permanent, again based on severity.


Participation in the Discord is mandatory for RPing in DI.
You must join with an OOC account, and once your characters are accepted you will make sepeate accounts for them. Character accounts are used for IC posting ONLY, use your OOC account for everything else.
We don't care what expletives you use, OOC or IC. Don't be racist, sexist, or homophobic in OOC is all we ask. If you say something against this you will be contacted by staff, and may have your comment removed.
OOC to IC will not be tolerated under any circumstances. OOC to IC is taking a character's actions/attitudes towards your character against you personally, and vice versa, and treating other players poorly because of their characters.
The OOC areas are for people to socialize and relax. Do not spam or advertise. Treat each other with respect.
Due to the nature of violence and language in DI, players must be at least 16 years old.
Players are required to post a minimum of once per OOC month, per character. You must also respond to activity checks or risk account deletion. Players with characters in leadership positions must be active and post at a minimum, once per 2 OOC weeks or risk losing their position.
You must have certain parts of your character's account filled out in the appropriate format. Here is an example of a correct character account profile. Unless explicity stated, all fields must be filled in. OOC accounts are not required to fill these areas out.


DI is a semi-consent site. This means your character can be injured or maimed without prior discussion, however killing will need to be discussed prior.
DI's timeline equates one IC month to every 2 OOC months. Threads must be dated according to the current timeline thread. If you are in an active plot, personal or site-wide, and become inactive for more than two weeks the other players have the right to assume your participating characters dead or missing.
DI uses a dice system to roll for outcomes. The dice system can be used for NPC interactions, hunting outcomes, litter size/modification heritage, or fighting outcomes when the other player has been in-active over the acceptable amount of time (this is negated if the other player has posted a hiatus notification.) To use the dice system, you must join the discord.
Some site wide plots, all weather, and all events are not optional. You may request an NPC or prompt by asking for one in the appropriate discord channel (#npc-requests) NPCs are rated on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the easiest, of difficulty for hunting or combat. Keep this in mind when requesting an NPC.
It is preferred you create a character in one of DI's main groups. If you have an idea for a new group, and 5 active players to join it, contact a staff member with details.
There is no three strike rule here. Write your character in combat appropriately. If there is a disagreement about a fight a judge may be called, any moderator or staff may be called in to judge.
Posts must be 5 sentences minimum. Violence and harsh language is permitted, but NSFW is not, Fade-to-Black is preferred due to the 16 year old age limit on the site.

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